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As Xtrapack, we provide services in the field of paper bags with twisted handles. In a rapidly growing paper industry, it is our priority to develop ourselves in line with the demands of our customer to produce affordable and eco friendly products with high quality. We are pleased to offer the best products and services to our customers by expanding our product range day by day.

We follow technological developments closely and apply the latest technological innovations in all of our activities.

Our range of kraft paper bags is the perfect environmentally friendly and socially conscious option for you.

We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by giving importance to quality in our products and in our services.


product quality

The champions among advertising materials:

Paper carrier bags with logo, paper bags, mailing bags or SOS bags printed with the design of your choice - limitless customization of our all-time favoruties according to your wishes. Discover and configure now!

During production, quality checks are done periodically both by printing and cutting department

Quality Printing

Special machines with central cylinders are used for fully efficiency printing with eight colour options.

Quality Packing

Your specially designed paper bags are carefully wrapped up and stored in packs of 5 or 10 to avoid any damage.

With our high standard technology faulty goods are minimised.

Quality Wrap Up

Customer goods are carefully labelled and stored in special cardboard boxes with a system in a safe zone. All pallets are wrapped with clingfilm for high protection.


Save the world

Zero waste policy. Wastepaper generated during production will be sent to recycling companies. Please ask about our FSC® certified products.


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Xtrapack Limited
7 Bell Yard London WC2A 2JR | United Kingdom

Phone: +447718282346

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