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Fish & Chips. - Fast Food Packaging and Boxes

Fish & Chips Fast Food Packaging and 9- 10 - 12 inch Boxes are designed to keep your food hot and fresh while providing an easy way to transport it. Our boxes are made from durable and sturdy cardboard that is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for fast-food take-out and delivery.

Xtrapack standard print White Rectangular cardboard Fish and Chip boxes. Small medium and large options.Recyclable. 
Open tray for eating fish and chips on the go.

White Cardboard Rectangular plain Chip Trays. Medium and large options.

xtrapack fish chips packages bags.png

It's time to please your customer! We offer an insatiable experience with packages specially designed for fish & chips sellers. As a restaurant, you bring together fresh fish from the sea with crispy french fries. We recommend that you offer this flavor with our special packages. Experience an amazing fish & chips feast with our special boxes!


The boxes are designed to keep your food secure and free from spills and messes, and the reinforced bottom helps to ensure that nothing will leak out. The boxes feature a convenient fold-down top which allows for easy opening and closing. The boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be custom printed with your company logo and branding. 


They are also 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious businesses. With our Fish & Chips Fast Food Packaging and Boxes, you can be sure that your food will stay hot and fresh, and will get to your customers quickly and safely.

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